Neil Hare Road, Atlantis Industrial (near Cape Town), South Africa +27 21-577-1333 Mo-Fr: 08.00 - 17.00

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    Associated Company


    COBOND Chemicals (Pty) Ltd.

    In 2008 Comar Chemicals (Pty) Ltd. formed a South African company, in partnership with Karbochem (Pty) Ltd., in order to manufacture and distribute Cobalt Rubber Adhesion Promoters, that are used to enhance the bonding of rubber with radial tyre steel belts.

    This partnership focusses on the world-wide sales and marketing presence of Karbochem (Pty) Ltd, through sales of its rubber and rubber additives, as well as the ability of Comar Chemicals (Pty) Ltd to develop the manufacturing chemistry, and to manufacture organometallic chemicals.

    A state of the art Sandvik Pastille and Bagging Plant were installed at Comar Chemicals works in Atlantis, South Africa. Cobalt Adhesion Promoter high temperature melts are fed from a batch reactor system to the pelletizing and packaging plant. A number of speciality products can be produced and supplied to customers in 25 kg bags, or sachets up to 2 kg each, that are packaged in 20 kg cardboard boxes.

    These Products include :



    Cobalt Neodecanoate

    Cobalt Stearate


    These products have obtained approval in automotive tyre and conveyor belting applications.