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Cobalt Boro Acylate

The Cobalt Boron complex is supplied at a 22.5% Cobalt concentration and contains half the carboxylic acid ligand compared to a normal di-soap. This acid reduction, together with the borate compound, improves the corrision resistance of the steel cord. The ligands bonded to the Cobalt is a mixture of three carboxylic acid types, with the Boron atom being central.

The function of this chemical is to improve the bonding of rubber to steel belt re-inforcing in radial tires utilized in the automotive industry. Cobalt bonds with the Sulphur in the vulcanized rubber, as well as the sulphided brass coating of the steel cord.

The Boro-acylate is supreme amongst other anions, due to its superior performance under harsh ageing conditions such as heat, oxygen, moisture, acids and alkali.

Specifications and SDS available on request.